Super Saiyan 3 Was A Struggle To Draw For Dragon Ball Z (And It’s Not Because Of The Hair)

If Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball Z” is famous for anything, it’s the character transformations.

When all hope seems lost for Goku and the battle unbeatable, all it takes is some willpower and Saiyan screaming for the character to transform before viewers’ eyes.

Transformations are a big part of what makes “Dragon Ball” so entertaining and alluring, with each new power buff for Son Goku coming not only with a cool new hairstyle but also incredible new strength for Goku to learn how to master.However, Goku isn’t the only one that has to learn how to master his transformations.

The animation team behind the “Dragon Ball Z” anime would encounter their own set of challenges with every new change Goku had in the hit shounen anime.

One specific transformation of Goku that would prove to be a trouble to animate was one of the last in the series.


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