Susanne Bier: Queen of the luxe thriller

With exquisite touch and lavish locations, Susanne Bier is the Danish director behind some of the most sensational – and sumptuous – shows.

Here she explains the appeal of undoing the eliteThe HBO thriller The Undoing may be the TV show of lockdown 2.0, much as watching Tiger King or The Last Dance defined for many people the first period of evening incarceration.

We are now halfway through the six episodes on Sky Atlantic, which are being released weekly, like in the old days, and – with as few spoilers as possible – there’s been a brutal murder.

Who can we trust? Well, nobody.

Who are the main suspects? Everybody, pretty much.

The list certainly includes psychologist Grace Fraser (played by Nicole Kidman) and her oncologist husband Jonathan.

The other star turn comes from New York, a city endlessly depicted on screen, but shown in The Undoing at its most privileged and in all its well-heeled,

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