Sylvester Stallone on Rambo’s Return: ‘The Warrior Can Never Find Peace’

Sylvester Stallone may be 73, but he’s not one to sit back in his twilight years.

As his legendary body slows, his output certainly hasn’t.

This Friday, “Rambo-Last-Blood-2019-movie-posters/”>Rambo: Last Blood” hits theaters around the world – 37 years after the debut of “Rambo: First Blood.”Why bring the muscled Vietnam veteran back for a final, bloody curtain call? “The warrior can never find peace,” Stallone told Variety in an interview.

“He just can’t.”But neither can he avoid the vulnerabilities, both emotional and physical, that increase with age.

“He’s always getting hurt,” Stallone said, “but now he’s getting older, so he’s getting hurt even more.”Besides the new “Rambo” film, Stallone is at work on another “Rocky” installment.

He also hinted at a new project based in Asia.

“I may be doing a movie in China soon.

Top secret.

A big one,” Stallone said.

Without going into many details,

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