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‘Atlanta’: Let’s Talk About Earn and Alfred’s Dual (and Dueling?) Relationship

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Atlanta” Season 4, Episode 3, “Born To Die.”]Many prefer to keep business and family separate, but for Earn (Donald Glover) and Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry), they’ve always been linked. Whether it was the shared social currency that kept Earn afloat in grade school (see: “Fubu”) or the […]

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‘Atlanta’ Season 4 Review: The Struggle To Recapture That Surreal, Donald Glover-Led Black Comedy Magic Is Real

It’s the nature of most television to lose its edge, for a series to tumble backward as new shows push the envelope further than that original series could ever envision. When star and creator Donald Glover’s hilarious and surreal black-comedy series, “Atlanta,” premiered in 2016 on FX, a quartet of African Americans moving through the […]

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Donald Glover: Celebrity Children Face ‘Pressure’ to Break Out of ‘Legacy Bubble’ in Hollywood

Donald Glover spoke out on the difference between artists and entertainers…and the children of both.During an interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, the “Atlanta” creator applauded Zoë Kravitz for her directorial debut with “Pussy Island,” which she also co-wrote.“I know she feels the pressure,” Glover said of Kravitz’s need to be viewed as more […]

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Donald Glover Defends ‘Atlanta’ Against Criticism It’s Only for White People: ‘Kind of Whack to Me’

Much of the FX series “Atlanta” has been about exposing the performativity of white “woke” advocacy — but Donald Glover’s experimental show has not been immune to criticisms that it’s only for white people.During the ongoing summer Television Critics’ Association press tour, creator/star Glover defended the series against those very criticisms, saying that he does […]

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Brad Pitt Gushing Over British Reality Series ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ Is the Ultimate Friday Feel Good Video

Get ready for Brad Pitt to recreate that famous “Ghost” scene.The “Bullet Train” star professed his love for British reality competition series “The Great Pottery Throw Down” during an interview with Joe.ie. The video interview soon became a lovefest for British television with co-stars Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson weighing in.When the trio was […]

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2022 Emmy Predictions: Who Will Win at the Primetime Emmy Awards?

Editor’s Note: As Emmys season rolls along, IndieWire will update this page with in-depth Emmy predictions from Awards Editor Marcus Jones. A link to each category will lead to lists of the ever-changing contenders, plus reporting on what shows are playing well with voters, TV Academy rules changes, interviews with potential nominees, and more.The State […]

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Atlanta Cinematographer Stephen Murphy Takes Us Behind-The-Scenes Of Season 3 [Interview]

Stephen Murphy shot six of the 10 episodes in season 3 of “Atlanta.” The cinematographer is behind “Cancer Attack,” “New Jazz,” “The Old Man and the Tree, “Sinterklaas Is Coming to Town,” “White Fashion,” and the recent season finale, “Tarrare.” Murphy likened making the series to a tapestry, but that’s the gist of season 3 […]

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Liam Neeson Apologizes for 2019 Racism Controversy in ‘Atlanta’ Cameo: ‘It Honestly Frightens Me’

Liam Neeson appears in the third season of “Atlanta” to unpack his 2019 racially-charged controversial comments. The “Taken” star has a cameo in the May 5 episode for FX on Hulu.Critically-acclaimed meta surreal series “Atlanta,” created by star Donald Glover, didn’t shy away from having Neeson address his past statements about seeking out a “Black […]

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Directing TV Means Less Creative Freedom, but These Filmmakers Have Never Been Happier (Column)

It might seem counterintuitive to make the case for filmmaking as a career when so much about the profession can sound like a charity case. The money is in TV, and its so-called Golden Age provides golden opportunities. I may advocate for the success of original cinematic feats like “The Northman,” but will just as […]

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