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Madonna’s Microphone Style Inspired James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Cinematography

Turns out James Cameron got some of his material from the “Material Girl” herself.The “Avatar” writer/director was inspired by Madonna’s microphone placement during her concerts and found himself “Hung Up” on the concept of staying close to actors during action sequences.“Avatar,” which will be re-released in theaters September 23 ahead of the sequel “Avatar: The […]

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‘Avatar 2’: James Cameron Compares Franchise Development To Writing ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Novels

While we all saw Stephen Lang’s villenous Colonel Quaritch die in the first “Avatar” film, the actor is clearly returning in the upcoming sequel. Now, months before the new film hits theaters, Lang is explaining his miraculous resurrection (appears in a new avatar body in the teaser trailer) for the upcoming sequel in a new […]

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How Stephen Lang’s Colonel Quaritch Returns In Avatar: The Way Of Water

We film types talk a lot about James Cameron’s “Avatar” and its white savior story, often comparing it to a film like “Dances with Wolves.” Less discussed but just as problematic are the movie’s ableist overtones. Let it not be forgotten, Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster sees its main character happily dump his disabled human body in […]

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