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The Rings Of Power Season Finale Showed It Can Meet All Your Expectations And Still Be Exciting

This article contains spoilers for “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” season 1.Tearful goodbyes and too many endings: we’ve come to expect those from “The Lord of the Rings,” and the season 1 finale of “The Rings of Power” didn’t disappoint in that regard. Like “Andor,” “The Rings of Power” is a […]

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Better Call Saul Season 6 Finale: That Walt Cameo, Explained

The final season of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s Better Call Saul brought about the highly anticipated return of Breaking Bad‘s iconic, beloved duo, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Cranston and Paul reprised their roles for the first time in Season 6, Episode 11, appropriately titled “Breaking Bad,” a perfect callback […]

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‘Better Call Saul’ and More All-Time Great TV Shows That Won Zero Emmys

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards came and went, but the Television Academy never called Saul. Fans of Vince Gilligan’s “Breaking Bad” spin-off were crestfallen on Monday: forced to accept, after six critically acclaimed seasons, that “Better Call Saul” had somehow — miraculously, inexplicably, maddeningly — still never won an Emmy.It was an especially painful blow […]

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Bob Odenkirk Is Still Training at the Gym to Kickstart Jackie Chan-Style Action Career

Bob Odenkirk better call his trainer because the “Better Call Saul” star is dead-set on becoming the action movie hero.The Emmy winner revealed during the 2022 Venice Film Festival while promoting Cecilia Miniucchi’s “Worlds Apart” that his turn as attorney Saul in the “Breaking Bad” prequel series inspired his hitman role in “Nobody.”“I was very […]

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Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Felt Like Prisoners Filming Their Better Call Saul Cameos

Months before the final half-season of “Better Call Saul” aired, news broke that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston would be reprising their “Breaking Bad” roles as Jessie Pinkman and Walter White in the prequel/sequel series. It was no big secret then and it’s no big secret now, but while shooting their “Better Call Saul” parts, […]

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We Won’t See Jesse Pinkman Again After Better Call Saul, According To Aaron Paul

For the last 15 years, Aaron Paul has been synonymous with Jesse Pinkman, the character he originated on “Breaking Bad” back in 2007. Now, after 64 long hours of television and the “El Camino” feature film, Paul is finally saying goodbye to everyone’s favorite b****-dropping boy from “Breaking Bad.” Paul recently appeared in the final […]

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‘Better Call Saul’ Found the Perfect Way to Make ‘Breaking Bad’ Part of Its Goodbye

“Better Call Saul” had all the means to relitigate “Breaking Bad.” There was a courtroom and witnesses and the eager attention of every viewer keen on seeing where Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) fate would end up in relation to his former clients’. But as it did, time and again over the course of its six-season […]

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