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‘Sasquatch’: Duplass Brothers’ Hulu Murder Mystery Doc Sets April Premiere

Is Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, real? “Sasquatch,” the upcoming Hulu docuseries executive produced by Mark and Jay Duplass probably isn’t going to answer that question.However, the series does aim to offer a deep-dive into a grisly triple homicide that was allegedly caused by a Sasquatch decades ago. Hulu recently released a trailer for the […]

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‘Sasquatch’ Trailer: The Duplass Brothers Present A Hulu Docuseries About Bigfoot, Murder & A Cannabis Farm

Does Bigfoot exist? Outside of a grainy, old picture and some eyewitness stories, there isn’t much evidence to support that idea. However, in the upcoming Hulu documentary series, “Sasquatch,” the question is posed once again. And if Bigfoot doesn’t exist, then who the hell tore apart three men in the woods in Northern California near […]

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