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Ya Know, X-5 Kinda Has A Good Point About Loki’s Villainy In Season 2 Episode 2

This post contains spoilers for “Loki” season 2, episode 2.Out of all heroes and villains inhabiting the MCU, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has arguably become the most three-dimensional and fully realized character. In his first introduction in “Thor,” Loki yearned to be accepted as a true Asgardian, only to find out that he was actually the […]

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Chris Evans Says ‘Snowpiercer’ Practical Effects Were ‘Incredibly Helpful’ Compared to Marvel Green Screens

Chris Evans might have had trouble “wrapping his head” around Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” script, but at least the Marvel star could wrap his hands around everything on set. The “Captain America” actor revealed to GQ in a new interview (which you can watch in full in the below video) that starring in Bong’s 2013 post-apocalyptic […]

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Chris Evans Says “Never Say Never” About Marvel Return But If It Happens It Will Be “No Time Soon”

Next year (depending on when these WGA and SAG strikes get worked out), we’re expected to see Anthony Mackie finally take on the role of Captain America in a Marvel Studios film. Years after he is given the shield in “Avengers: Endgame” and after he accepts the role in “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,” […]

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Despite Rumors, Jensen Ackles Didn’t Actually Audition For Captain America

A lot of false rumors spread quickly because, while they may not have any supporting evidence, we can all kind of see the reasoning behind them. For instance, people believe the rumor that the killers in “Scream 2” were changed at the last second because that’s the impression the movie itself gives. More recently, people […]

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Cool Stuff: A Massive Giant-Man Action Figure Is The Latest Marvel Legends Crowdfunded Project

Following the successful crowdfunding for the “Star Wars Rebels” ship the Ghost, Hasbro’s crowdfunding initiative HasLab is digging back into Marvel Comics territory for their latest collectible effort. Even though the most recent Marvel Legends HasLab project failed to garner enough funds for fans to get their hands on the Engine of Vengeance for the […]

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‘Daredevil’s Iconic Hallway Fight Scene Changed the Direction of the Show

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered an extensive array of epic action sequences in its fifteen-year history. Films like those in the Avengers and Captain America series feature superhero battles the likes of which comic book fans dreamed of seeing in live-action for decades. But even among stunning brawls like the Battle of New York […]

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Marvel Legends Returns To The Infinity Saga With Improved Figures For Iron Man, Black Widow & More

Marvel Studios has been finished with The Infinity Saga for a few years now, but that’s not stopping Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line from improving the Avengers action figure line-up with new editions of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s incredible franchise crossover. Hasbro has just announced a whole new wave of MCU action figures that […]

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Amazonian prime: why Wonder Woman 3 will be the star of the new-look DC multiverse

There’s been a cull at DC under studio boss James Gunn, but Gal Gadot’s warrior princess stands tall, and her previously cancelled second sequel is back onThere are scenes in the 2009 graphic novel Wolverine: Old Man Logan that have even the most hardened comic book fan crying into its pages. Red Skull wearing the […]

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‘Deadpool 3’: Emma Corrin Confirms Villain Role & Calls MCU Continuity “An Absolute Mind-f*ck”

We’ve said this a million times when new actors join the Marvel Cinematic Universe—fans need to stop expecting these people to be diehard fans of the franchise. People are genuinely surprised when an actor admits to not knowing the inner workings of who Nick Fury is and what happened between Captain America and Iron Man […]

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