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DGA Email Scandal: Members Urged Not to Elect 10 Writers to Board, Including Boots Riley and Craig Mazin

In a sign of Hollywood’s escalating internal tensions, a prominent Directors Guild of America member openly advocated against the election of 10 writer-directors to the guild’s board earlier this month on the grounds that they were “primarily writers” and hailed from “fringe groups.”In a leaked email that has been shared widely in the creative community, […]

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‘Dune: Part Two’: ‘The Last Of Us’ Showrunner Craig Mazin Says He Worked On Denis Villeneuve’s Sci-Fi Sequel

After years and years of writing comedy films with mixed success (for every “Hangover” there’s a “Superhero Movie”), Craig Mazin has found his place as one of the best creators on television, thanks to the success of both “Chernobyl” and “The Last of Us.” And apparently, with his renewed passion for TV, it appears he’s […]

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If You Liked ‘Chernobyl,’ Watch This New-to-Netflix Drama Miniseries

Human tragedies trigger the greatest questions of philosophical nature. Much like HBO’s Chernobyl, The Days on Netflix takes off with a question of such philosophical nature as Masao Yoshida (Koji Yakusho), the narrator who provides a harrowing insight into the Fukushima nuclear disaster, prepares himself to lay down the events of a fateful day in […]

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‘Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes’ Trailer: New Uncovered Footage Will Grab Your Heart

The Russian nuclear reactor meltdown catastrophe known as Chernobyl was a once-in-a-lifetime disaster that shook the world. Craig Mazin explored much of it in a dramatized manner in HBO’s acclaimed “Chernobyl” mini-series, but there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the event. And now, 36 years later, we’re closer to solving them. “Chernobyl: The Lost […]

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Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes Trailer: A Chilling Never Before Seen Look At One Of The World’s Greatest Tragedies

On April 26, 1986, the core of the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat melted down, causing a nuclear accident that released airborne radioactive contamination for about nine days in what is still classified as the worst nuclear disaster in history, both in cost and casualties. Stories around the Chernobyl […]

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Pedro Pascal Compares ‘The Last of Us’ HBO Series to ‘The Mandalorian’

After decades of Hollywood failing to adapt popular video games, the genre might be starting to turn a corner. “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” is a bona fide blockbuster, cementing the Sega adaptation as a reliable franchise for Paramount. And Steven Spielberg’s long-gestating “Halo” series has earned decent reviews (a massive accomplishment within the much-maligned genre).One […]

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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Wins the Best Limited Series Emmy — the First Streaming Series to Top the Category

At the time of last year’s Emmys ceremony, a seven-episode literary adaptation about the tumultuous life of a fictional chess prodigy might not have been an obvious awards mainstay. Yet, after a year when “The Queen’s Gambit” never really waned in its quest for TV’s highest prize, the Netflix show finished its calendar-spanning run by […]

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Emmy Predictions: Best Limited Series — Was It ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ All Along?

Last Year’s Winner: “Watchmen”Still Eligible: No.Hot Streak: Repeat winners aren’t the norm in Limited Series, and while they do happen, it’s more common to see networks go on hot streaks — albeit brief ones. Currently, HBO has won the Best Limited Series category in back-to-back years, first for “Chernobyl” and then for “Watchmen.” The premium […]

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