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‘The Alienist: Angel of Darkness’ Review: TNT’s Stately Detective Series Delivers Another Dud

Doppelgänger TV shows happen all the time. Series with similar set-ups, themes, or plotlines go head-to-head and, sometimes, only one survives — like in 2006, when two shows about the making of a fictional “SNL” squared off, and “30 Rock” trounced “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Other dueling dualities both thrive, like “ER” and […]

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From Broadway to Berenson: Mandy Patinkin Reflects on Iconic Roles as He Receives Walk of Fame Honor

When Mandy Patinkin (birth name Mandel, which means “almond” in Yiddish) was a young boy, he and his father Lester, a metal factory owner, had a standing Saturday tradition: during baseball season, they’d start the day at Shabbat morning services at their local Chicago synagogue, and then hop into the family car (which was either […]

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