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The Child’s Play Reboot Wasn’t Actually Mark Hamill’s First Time Voicing Chucky

The “Child’s Play” series is currently enjoying a robust renaissance, with both a well-received 2021 TV series, “Chucky” — which has won accolades for its queer representation — and a “Child’s Play” remake in 2019, which had the good taste to invent a new mythology for the central killer doll. In the 1988 original, a vicious […]

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There’s A Teddy Ruxpin Movie In The Works, Because We Really Do Live In The Weirdest Timeline

The dead are rising, friends. “Space Jam” was recently exhumed by the studio suits at Warner Bros.; our Good Guy friend to the end Chucky got a new re-imagining in 2019 with “Child’s Play” (same title as Don Mancini’s 1988 original) and a SyFy series to drop in October of 2021; “Masters of the Universe” […]

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‘Fear Street’: Why Filmmaker Leigh Janiak Fought for Lots of Gore, Especially Her ‘Shocking’ Favorite Kill

[Editor’s note: The following post contains spoilers for “Fear Street Part 1: 1994.”]Author R.L. Stine’s long-running YA series “Fear Street” might be decidedly PG in its thrills, chills, and kills, but when it came time to transfer his creepy vision to the big screen, things took one hell of an R-rated turn. In filmmaker Leigh […]

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Will ‘Toy Story 4’ Make a Bid for the Animated Opening Weekend Record?

After several weeks of disappointing debuts, this weekend should see things turn around as Disney and Pixar unveil Toy Story 4 to what will be one of the largest debuts for an animated feature ever and UA Releasing’s Child’s Play remake is also looking like it will generate a solid debut over the three-day. Otherwise, […]

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New ‘Child’s Play’ Poster Murders a ‘Toy Story’ Character

Marketing! Who can tell what is good or bad anymore, truly. Is it a good idea to reveal Sonic the Hedgehog has horrific baby human teeth to the sound of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”? Is it ethical to shoot and show false footage to maintain the secrets of Avengers: Endgame? Should Disney have maybe finished the […]

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First Trailer for ‘Child’s Play’ Reveals Everyone’s New Best Friend, Buddi

The first trailer for Orion Pictures’ Child’s Play is here! Child’s Play sees a sleek, modern company, known for its internet-connected devices like drones, robotic vacuums, and a centralized hub, developing a sophisticated kids doll for entry into the children’s toy market. Aubrey Plaza plays a mother who gives her son one of the new […]

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