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Before ‘Full Circle,’ Steven Soderbergh Gave Us This Ensemble Crime Drama

Upcoming six-part TV series Full Circle, arriving on HBO Max July 18, looks set to be another blistering, layered work from master filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. The director is renowned for taking impressive technical leaps while balancing experimentalism with strong characterization — and seldom at the expense of pulse-pounding thrills. The original trailer, which dropped earlier […]

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July’s New TV Shows, From ‘Justified: City Primeval’ to ‘Full Circle’

Ahh, July. Summer is in full swing: the heat, the pool parties, the iced coffee, and all the hot television shows swarming like mosquitos (minus the biting). There are plenty of things to watch while you chill out and cool down: a younger, less angsty Superman (Jack Quaid) is flying his way around Metropolis in […]

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Kieran Culkin Still Hasn’t Figured Out What Was Going on Between Roman and Gerri

One of the most popular (and painfully unresolved) storylines on “Succession” was Roman Roy and Gerri Kellman’s tendency to mix business mentorship and Machiavellian scheming with kinky, degrading phone sex. The uneasy partnership between Kieran Culkin’s traumatized nepo baby and J. Smith-Cameron’s hyper-competent general counsel was the subject of endless speculation during the show’s run […]

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Kieran Culkin Felt Like He Was Seven Years Old Acting Opposite Brian Cox in ‘Succession’: He’s a ‘Scary Guy’

Kieran Culkin felt like a “child” filming “Succession.”The former child star admitted during Variety’s Actors on Actors with Claire Danes that playing Roman Roy in “Succession” opposite Brian Cox’s patriarch Logan Roy made him feel like he was seven years old again.“I realize I’m doing it right now for some reason,” Culkin said. “Whenever I […]

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11 Best Episodes Of Homeland Ranked

“Homeland” continues to overshadow most modern entertainment thanks to its fast-paced action, alluring drama, and incredible acting. Starring Claire Danes, Damien Lewis, Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend, Morena Baccarin, and Morgan Saylor, the Showtime original series burst onto the air in 2011, capturing all the awards and garnering critical accolades. It faced challenges in its second […]

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