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A Legal Battle With Francis Ford Coppola Could Have Been The End Of Contact

“Contact” was the first movie Robert Zemeckis directed after winning an Oscar for Best Director on “Forrest Gump” in 1995. The film stars Jodie Foster as Ellie Arroway, a scientist whose lifelong search for proof of extraterrestrial life is vindicated when she uncovers a mysterious signal from Vega, a star system 26 light-years away from […]

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Larry King, Famed Broadcaster Who Appeared in ‘Ghostbusters’ and More, Has Died at 87

Larry King conducted over 50,000 interviews with celebrities, world leaders, athletes, and average citizens caught up in extraordinary situations with a career that spans a half-century. Because of his fame as a radio and television broadcaster, King often appeared as himself in movies like Ghostbusters, The Contender, Enemy of the State, Bulworth, Contact and more. […]

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