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Doctor Strange 2 Director Sam Raimi On Returning To Marvel And The Legacy Of Steve Ditko [Interview]

There’s no avoiding potential hyperbole here, but here goes: we don’t have modern cinema without Sam Raimi. What is the ongoing superhero movie boom if not an elaborate extension built upon the foundation that is his “Spider-Man” trilogy? And would we have the modern horror genre, so capable of pivoting between comedy and terror with […]

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Sam Raimi Was Hesitant About Directing ‘Doctor Strange 2’ After ‘Spider-Man 3’s Negative Reception

Even before his “Spider-Man” trilogy, filmmaker Sam Raimi arguably helped jumpstart the superhero genre with his Liam Neeson-starring flick “Darkman.” An R-rated take on the genre, the film came out a year after Tim Burton’s “Batman” and years before popular mature comic book films like “The Crow” and “Blade.”Read More: Benedict Cumberbatch Was “Sad” About […]

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Liam Neeson Ain’t Really Feeling Superhero Movies Anymore

Apart from Darkman and his work as Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins and briefly again in The Dark Knight Rises, Liam Neeson has not appeared in any other superhero films — a bit of a surprise, since the actor has had a long, multifarious career that includes other big budget pictures like Star Wars […]

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