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Jennifer Lopez-Owen Wilson Rom-Com ‘Marry Me’ Sets Pre-Valentine’s Day Release in 2021

Universal has set a Valentine’s Day weekend release for “Marry Me,” a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.“Marry Me” features original songs from J-Lo as well as Latin music star Maluma, who is co-starring and making his feature-film debut.Kat Coiro, known for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Dead to Me,” is directing […]

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‘Dead to Me’ Review: Season 2 Remixes the Original Story to Fruitless Ends — Spoilers

Seen from a gracious vantage point, the first season of “Dead to Me” offers an unusual tale of female friendship and a light satiric shakedown of rich people problems. By shattering the picture-perfect life of Jen Harding, creator Liz Feldman exposes an Orange County McMansion filled with fancy wine, uncluttered kitchen counters, and luxurious living […]

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‘Dead to Me’ Review: Christina Applegate’s Netflix Series Is No Comedy, But It Is a Mess

Nowhere is it written that half-hour series have to be comedies, and yet “Dead To Me” seems adversely intent on sticking with tradition. Labeled a “black comedy” by Netflix, the upcoming 10-episode first season is light on jokes and heavy on drama; even the darker elements in the twisty, flashback-driven mystery are treated as serious […]

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