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Dirt Music review – Tim Winton adaptation falls flat despite cinematic dreams

The film-makers have shot for profundity and lyricism to match the Australian classic, but ended up with something flavourless – and occasionally cloyingGarrett Hedlund takes his shirt off a lot in the romantic movie Dirt Music – his creamy-skinned, chiselled-featured body seemingly belonging to a gene pool combining Errol Flynn with a Hemsworth brother. The […]

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New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Father Soldier Son’ on Netflix, ‘Dirt Music’ on Demand

July 17 is the weekend that Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” was supposed to open, but in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, the world has folded back on itself like a scene from one of the director’s mind-benders. As infection rates hit new highs in the U.S., theaters postpone or reverse their plans to reopen, and […]

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