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Expect ‘French Dispatch’ to Leave the Oscar Race and Eye Cannes 2021 Instead

What’s left for the Oscars? The telecast will proceed, two months late, on April 25, but as to what might qualify — the only definitive answer will come when we reach the February 28 submission deadline. As a canary in a coal mine, “Tenet” failed to reignite audiences; instead, it revealed the hazards of theatrical […]

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Hans Zimmer Worked with a Choir over FaceTime to Craft the ‘Dune’ Trailer’s Pink Floyd Cover

Warner Bros.’ much-buzzed-about release of the “Dune” official trailer last week represented a full circle moment for the relationship between Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel and the rock band Pink Floyd. Back when Alejandro Jodorowsky was attempting to mount a “Dune” film adaptation in the 1970s, the director courted Pink Floyd to write the original score. […]

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Watch: Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ Trailer Side By Side with Footage From David Lynch’s Version

Earlier this week, the movie gods gave us a treat: the trailer for Denis Villeneuve‘s highly anticipated film adaptation of Dune, based on the classic science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert. The book has long been considered to be virtually unfilmable – but that hasn’t stopped multiple directors from trying over the years. Alejandro […]

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WB Delaying ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ To Christmas & Keeping ‘Dune’ In December [Updated]

Update: After publishing, Deadline revealed that ‘WW84’ is now set for a Christmas, with “Dune” staying on its December 18 release date. Yes, that means, WB will have two blockbusters releasing a week apart. Wow.The original story follows…After speculation, rumors, and then early reports, it appears that “Wonder Woman 1984” is actually getting delayed. But […]

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ May Be Pushed Back Again, Potentially Bumping ‘Dune’ to 2021

Brace yourself, Wonder Woman 1984 may be delayed again. Warner Bros. is reportedly considering pushing back the Wonder Woman 1984 release date from its current October date to either November or even late December, which would bump Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated Dune adaptation to 2021. These rumblings come in the wake of Tenet hitting the […]

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Villeneuve Expands Lady Jessica Role in ‘Dune’ to Make Her More Than ‘an Expensive Extra’

Rebecca Ferguson is no stranger to blockbuster filmmaking thanks to her ongoing role as Ilsa Faust in Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible” series, and the actress is set to get a second studio franchise later this year with Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” adaptation. Ferguson stars in the film as Lady Jessica, mother to the protagonist Paul Atreides […]

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‘Dune’ Art Director Says Villeneuve’s Films Will Be Up There with ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series

We’re still months out from the December 18 release of Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune,” and the filmmaker is currently racing to wrap up post-production on his epic, now-fabled adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi tome. In the meantime, details from the below-the-line side of things are trickling out, including most recently from the movie’s supervising art director […]

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Denis Villeneuve Was Influenced by Roger Deakins While Making ‘Dune’, Wants to Make “Something Small” Next

After a long and storied career in Hollywood, Roger Deakins would finally earn his much deserved first Oscar for cinematography with Denis Villeneuve‘s Blade Runner 2049. And though the dynamic director and cinematographer duo won’t be working together on Villeneuve’s upcoming sci-fi film Dune, the filmmaker revealed that Deakins is still leaving his mark on […]

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