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Larry King, Famed Broadcaster Who Appeared in ‘Ghostbusters’ and More, Has Died at 87

Larry King conducted over 50,000 interviews with celebrities, world leaders, athletes, and average citizens caught up in extraordinary situations with a career that spans a half-century. Because of his fame as a radio and television broadcaster, King often appeared as himself in movies like Ghostbusters, The Contender, Enemy of the State, Bulworth, Contact and more. […]

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‘Homeland’: The Premiere’s Excellent Twist Ending Sets Up Season 7 to be as Batshit Crazy as the Real-World

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Homeland” Season 7, Episode 1, “Enemy of the State.”]Did the President of the United States just have an American general murdered?By the end of the “Homeland” Season 7 premiere, that certainly appears to be the case. But no matter how soapy such a twist may sound, it’s […]

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