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‘Annihilation’ Production Designer Reveals His Inspiration for the Film’s Most Terrifying Creature: ‘Half Its Face Is Missing’

If you haven’t seen “Annihilation,” remedy that misstep at your earliest convenience. If you have seen “Annihilation,” you’re likely still unsettled by the bear-like creature that moans in the voice of its victims and is the centerpiece of the film’s gnarliest scene. For insights into how that nameless beast and the rest of the Shimmer […]

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‘Annihilation’ Review: Natalie Portman Stars in a Stunning Sci-Fi Thriller From the Director of ‘Ex Machina’

As artificial intelligence expands from sci-fi conceit to everyday reality, its implications inspire both horror and awe. Few recent movies have explored that divide better than writer-director Alex Garland’s robot rebellion thriller “Ex Machina,” and now it has some company with his stunning followup, which expands his thematic focus: Where “Ex Machina” argued that the […]

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‘Annihilation’: Oscar Isaac and Alex Garland Have a Bloody ‘Ex Machina’ Reunion in New Footage — Watch

Alex Garland and Oscar Isaac are quickly becoming a dynamic duo when it comes to modern science-fiction. The director and actor first teamed up for “Ex Machina,” which IndieWire named one of the best science-fiction films of the 21st century, and now the pair is back together for “Annihilation.”Isaac’s role in the Paramount-backed sci-fi thriller […]

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‘Annihilation’ Director Alex Garland Is Developing an Eight-Part TV Series for FX

Early word on Alex Garland’s Annihilation, the second movie from the Ex Machina director, is that it’s a new classic of the science-fiction genre, which was essentially what people said about Ex Machina. The movie doesn’t hit theaters for another two weekends but Garland has already seemingly teased that he has a new project in […]

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