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Max Users: You Now Have 60 Days to Watch 4 Seasons of ‘Killing Eve’

For the next two months, Max will be the “one to watch” for AMC series.On Friday, seven AMC shows will be available on the former HBO Max under a new category “AMC+ Picks on Max.” For the next 60 days, Max users can binge Seasons 1-7 of “Fear the Walking Dead,” the first seasons of […]

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The Only Walking Dead Recap You Need Before Watching The Daryl Dixon Spin-Off

“The Walking Dead” ended in 2022, but it already has more spin-offs than you can shake a stick at. Following the release of “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” fans have been looking forward to “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.” The show will be set in Europe, following former redneck ne’er-do-well Daryl Dixon […]

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The Walking Dead Spin-Off Trailers: Rick, Michonne & Daryl Dixon Return In New Shows

AMC’s flagship series “The Walking Dead” may have said its final farewell last fall, but the zombie drama lives on with a multitude of spin-offs. “Fear the Walking Dead” is coming to an end after 8 seasons, so many were convinced that the well had run dry for all things “The Walking Dead.” But as […]

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‘The Nun 2’ Trailer: Taissa Farmiga Conjures an Unholy War in Unhinged Horror Sequel

All hail the reign of “The Conjuring” universe.The James Wan-produced horror franchise marks its next installment with “The Nun 2,” the sequel to the 2018 film “The Nun.”Taissa Farmiga reprises her role as Sister Irene, who has an unholy connection to a demon possessing the body of a fellow nun, played by Bonnie Aarons. Demián […]

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Was Nostalgia Worth Revisiting ‘The Walking Dead’?

Editor’s note: The below contains spoilers for Season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead.In the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead‘s final season, our favorite moral guardian Morgan Jones (Lennie James) takes a trip down a memory lane littered with corpses. The episode revisits Morgan’s family history and a location last seen in The […]

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Dead City: Everything We Know so Far About the Walking Dead Spin-Off

For zombie lovers everywhere, The Walking Dead has been a staple favorite. Following a group of zombie apocalypse survivors who are just trying to stay alive among threats from both the undead (dubbed walkers) and what’s left of an unhinged remaining society, The Walking Dead utilizes its story to showcase the human condition under critical […]

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