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‘Forever Young’ Review: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s Intimate Acting School Drama Is Her Best Film Yet

Turning on the waterworks and ripping open her blouse to cap a performance of Jean-Paul Sartre’s “The Respectful Prostitute,” aspiring actress Stella (Nadia Tereszkiewicz) concludes her audition for France’s most prestigious theatre school with a question from the jury. As he puffs a cigarette and speaks the first lines of dialogue written expressly for this […]

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Every J.J. Abrams Film Ranked From Worst To Best

J.J. Abrams has been an influential figure in the entertainment industry since his youth. Inspired by his prominent television producer father, Gerald W. Abrams, the young film buff was mentored by Steven Spielberg, and flexed his creative instincts as screenwriter of ’90s hits like “Forever Young,” “Regarding Henry,” and “Armageddon.”In the late ’90s and early […]

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‘Oxygen’: Alexandre Aja’s Derivative ‘Buried’-Like Thriller Still Asphyxiates With Breathless Tension [Review]

When playwright/deviant Oscar Wilde famously remarked that imitation was the most sincere form of flattery, he probably never predicted the idea applying to a new Netflix original, but well, it fits, and here we are. Their new sci-fi horror thriller, “Oxygen,” is a film that borrows heavily from such intimate looks at claustrophobic spaces like […]

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