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Bottleneck Gallery Kicks Off Its New Universal Monsters Poster Series With ‘Frankenstein’

Nearly one hundred years after they first hit theaters, the classic Universal Monster films remain timeless allegories about the complicated, conflicted nature of mankind. Now Vice Press and Bottleneck Gallery are aiming to pay homage to films like Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and more with a new poster and print collection dedicated to […]

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‘The Invisible Man’ Producer Jason Blum Would Love to Make ‘Frankenstein’

Now that The Invisible Man is a huge hit for Blumhouse, more Universal monster reboots are all but guaranteed. Universal already has the Dracula spin-off Renfield in the works, as well as Elizabeth Banks’s Invisible Woman. What else could we see in the future? According to Blumhouse head Jason Blum, the answer is Frankenstein. Blum […]

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‘Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein’ Review: A Glorious Half Hour of Absurdity

I’m genuinely surprised that Frankenstein‘s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein is debuting on a thing like Netflix, and not randomly during the 4-4:30 Am slot on Adult Swim. Directed by Daniel Gray Longino and written by John Levenstein (Arrested Development), this oddball mockumentary runs a brisk 28 minutes and doesn’t appear to be attached to anything other […]

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Monster Hit ‘Frankenstein’ Caused a Scandal in Kansas City in 1931

In the 1818 novel “Frankenstein,” Mary Shelley invented a creature that was philosophical, articulate and vengeful. But most people remember the Hollywood version: barely speaking, lumbering and with bolts in his neck, memorable thanks to Boris Karloff and the makeup designed by Jack P. Pierce. November 21 marks the anniversary of the film’s 1931 debut. […]

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The Original ‘Frankenstein’ Has Finally Been Restored After 108 Years — Watch

“Frankenstein” isn’t the only “Frankenstein.” James Whale’s 1931 take on Mary Shelley’s iconic novel was beaten to the punch by the Edison Manufacturing Company, which in 1910 produced what a title card describes as a “liberal adaptation” of the story. It’s described as neither “all that revelatory” nor “especially rare” in a new Library of […]

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‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ Review: Sean Bean’s Netflix Series Comes Roaring to Life After Three Years in Purgatory

Much like the mysterious characters’ laborious attempts to create living beings from dead flesh, “The Frankenstein Chronicles” had a long journey to American audiences. Acquired by A&E in 2015 to bolster its fledgling scripted originals programming, the Sean Bean-starring period drama never made it to the Arts & Entertainment network. Despite success with “Bates Motel,” […]

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