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There Was More To Kathy Bates’ Misery Character Than The Audience Saw On Screen

“Misery” was Kathy Bates’ first big film. Rob Reiner’s adaptation of the hit Stephen King novel came in 1990, early on in Bates’ five-decade career. “Misery” would precede “Fried Green Tomatoes,” King adaptation “Dolores Claiborne,” “Titanic,” and other films she’d become known for; arguably, her recent five-year run (in various roles) on Ryan Murphy and […]

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Women Directors Could Set an Oscar Record in Screenplay Categories (and More)

The fight for women to be recognized for their directorial achievements stretches back for decades, but, too often, the screenwriters aren’t given that same spotlight. However, this year presents a unique situation where female filmmakers have also penned the top awards contenders for adapted screenplay. These leading contenders include Jane Campion (“The Power of the […]

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How Tarantino’s Personal Collections Inspired ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Designer

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” production designer Barbara Ling shared gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos, and revealed how Quentin Tarantino’s personal collections inspired the look of the film. In an interview with Architectural Digest, the designer said she took a lot of material from the filmmaker’s wealth of posters, 1960s cinema, and old-school Los Angeles restaurant […]

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