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Betty Gilpin Joins The Cast Of HBO’s Three Women Adaptation, Making It A Must-Watch Because She’s Betty Gilpin

I have some good news and some bad news for those of us who are still actively mourning the cancellation of “Glow.” The bad news is, “Glow” is still canceled and there’s probably nothing we can do to make it uncanceled. The good news is that the wrestling queen of mean, Betty Gilpin, is working on a […]

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Sean Penn Doubles Down on Vaccination Request in Theaters and on Set: ‘I Believe It Should Be Mandatory’

Sean Penn remains committed to his previous comments that the Covid-19 vaccine should be mandatory for all.“I am so grateful that audiences — and yes, we’ll come around to that I would request only vaccinated audiences — have an opportunity to see this theatrically,” the actor told CNN’s Michael Smerconish in an interview about his […]

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Dan Stevens: ‘The bodice ripper never quite goes away, I don’t think it ever will’

Ever since his days on Downton Abbey, the actor has moved seamlessly between British period drama and high-rolling US sci-fi. He talks about playing a robot – and why he has moved on from romanceWhen I speak to Dan Stevens, he’s in Los Angeles, shooting Gaslit, a forthcoming TV show that sounds like the definitive […]

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