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Greenland review – comet disaster movie with a surprisingly deep impact

Gerard Butler does more than just punch his way out of imminent apocalypse in Ric Roman Waugh’s sharp action filmOne of the genuine guilty pleasures of last year’s lockdown releases was Skyfire, a spectacularly silly Chinese disaster movie in which Jason Isaacs builds a hotel on the side of a volcano and then tries to […]

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‘Caught in Time’ Lifts China Box Office to $51 Million Weekend

Hong Kong-produced “Caught in Time” gave fresh life to the mainland China box office over its opening weekend.The fantasy crime thriller about a cop chasing a gang through different eras earned $30.3 million. Produced by Emperor Motion Picture, the film stars the popular Daniel Wu and Wang Qianyuan, and was directed by Lau Ho-leung.It edged […]

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Yes, There Will Be A ‘Den Of Thieves’ Sequel With Gerard Butler

You might’ve already forgotten about “Den Of Thieves,” the low-rent “Heat” ripoff that opened a few weeks ago starring Gerard Butler. At first glance, the poorly reviewed movie looked like the nail in the coffin for the actor, whose recent run of movies have included Things You Didn’t See such as “Geostorm” and “A Family […]

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