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How ‘Fanboy’ Helmer Cedric Ido Defied Gravity to Make a Genre Movie Despite French Biz Resistance (Exclusive)

The planets aligned for self-declared fanboy French Burkinabé director Cédric Ido, to will his long-gestating sci-fi caper – the futuristic and gritty Parisian-set thriller “The Gravity” into being, despite reluctance from the French film biz to dig into funding for genre movies.The actor-director deftly mixes up Japanese mythology and a mysterious solar system alignment for […]

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‘Tár’ and ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Tie for Best Picture at Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

It was the west coast critics’ turn to hand out honors for the best films and performances of 2022, with the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (Lafca) landing on a tie for their top honors, between A24’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once” and Focus Features’ “Tár.” It was the fourth time the group tied in […]

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The 15 Best Survival Movies, from ‘Cast Away’ to ‘The Revenant’

From “Gravity ” and “Wild” to “The Way Back” and “Jaws,” the most compelling survival movies fearlessly examine characters’ will to live, imbuing their perilous struggles with the intensely personal motivations and desires that make every person unique. These stories allow audiences to consider what specific obstacles along one person’s quest for survival and happiness […]

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‘Submersible’ Review: A Grimy, Claustrophobic, Deeply Generic Submarine Thriller

There are lost-at-sea thrillers that make a virtue of the leanness of their narratives. J.C. Chandor’s “All Is Lost,” Wolfgang Fischer’s “Styx” and Chris Kentis’ legitimately traumatizing “Open Water” (not to mention Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” if we switch in space for ocean) all spun gripping tales of survival — or not — using minimal dialogue […]

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Oscar ‘Sweepers’ May Be Thing of the Past

The great sweeper, the film that runs away with the evening’s awards, has a strong history at the Oscars. Three films have won 11 Oscars in one night: “Ben-Hur” (1959), “Titanic” (1997) and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003). Depending on where you stand on those movies, you could love […]

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Ventana Sur’s Women Animation Directors Mentoring Program Announces First Projects

“Highlands Shadow,” “Cursed Fathers” and “Greta’s Journal” are among five animation projects selected for a new women animation directors’ training initiative launched this year at Ventana Sur’s Animation!, in alliance with France’s Annecy Festival and Argentina’s Institut Français.A 2D eight-episode series “Highlands Shadow” weighs in as a fantasy grounded in traditional folklore mixing action, mystery […]

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The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century, from ‘Children of Men’ to ‘Her’

Editor’s note: This list was originally published in 2017, but it has been updated with 10 new entries and re-ranked.Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links.Science fiction isn’t easily defined, but in determining the top 35 sci-fi movies of the last […]

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Oscar-Winning Dp Emmanuel Lubezki Says You Can Be Just Like Him… With A New iPhone

You’d be hardpressed to name a cinematographer as beloved and acclaimed as Emmanuel Lubezki. The cinematographer of such films as “Birdman,” “The Revenant,” “Gravity,” and “The Tree of Life” has been nominated for eight Oscars and won three in a row in 2013, 2014, and 2015. He’s definitely an expert on what makes a beautiful […]

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