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Hannibal Lecter Caused Major Headaches For Army Of Darkness

Some films are connected in ways a casual observer could not possibly fathom. Hollywood is a massive labyrinth of deals, of complex contracts, and of vaguely interconnected equity that can link two seemingly random film projects that couldn’t be more different. That was certainly the case with Jonathan Demme’s Academy Award-winning film “The Silence of the […]

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TV, Interrupted: Wonderfalls Deserved To Keep Licking The Light Switch

(Welcome to TV, Interrupted, a series where the /Film team remembers, eulogizes, and makes a case for the revival of TV shows we loved that were canceled far too soon.)Poor Bryan Fuller. A frequent guest on /Film’s TV, Interrupted column, the “Hannibal” and “Pushing Daisies” creator’s beautiful, weird TV shows are dripping with style, full of lovably messy […]

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TV, Interrupted: Hannibal’s Cancellation Still Has Fans In A Chokehold 7 Years Later

(Welcome to TV, Interrupted, a series where the /Film team remembers, eulogizes, and makes a case for the revival of TV shows we loved that were canceled far too soon.)If you mention “Hannibal” to the right person, a very specific reaction is all but guaranteed. It can typically be reduced to a wide-eyed desperation, a […]

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Law & Order Season 21 Premiere Review: The Original Series Returns After 12 Years

After 12 years away, the original “Law & Order” series is back with all-new episodes. The series ended abruptly in 2010 after 20 years of telling the stories of the police officers who catch criminals and the attorneys who prosecute them. The flagship series will rejoin its currently-airing spin-offs, “Law & Order: Svu” and “Law […]

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The Daily Stream: Hannibal Puts A Terrifying Twist On Procedural TV

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching, why it’s worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Series: “Hannibal” Where You Can Stream It: Hulu The Pitch: Before he battled wits with Clarice Starling and helped take down Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs,” Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) […]

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Bryan Fuller’s Christine ‘Will Be Horny As Hell’

It was announced last June that “Hannibal” and “Pushing Daisies” mastermind Bryan Fuller was attempting a new adaptation of John Carpenter’s “Christine” and Stephen King fans have been waiting for an update ever since. Well, now we’ve got a little morsel or two.Apologies in advance for the blatant self-promotion, but when I’m not writing up […]

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Everything You Never Knew About ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

Thirty years later, and the lambs have not stopped screaming.Before “Mindhunter” and the true crime craze, “The Silence of the Lambs” was the definitive psychological serial killer story. A young FBI agent, Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster), sets out to interview convicted cannibal Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in hopes to solve a high-profile kidnapping case. The […]

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Ray Liotta Turned Down ‘The Sopranos’ Because He ‘Didn’t Want Another Mafia Thing’

A rumor has long percolated that Ray Liotta turned down the chance to play Tony Soprano on HBO’s Emmy-winning drama “The Sopranos,” but that’s not actually true. During an interview with The Guardian this week, Liotta revealed that he did pass on “The Sopranos” but that Tony Soprano was not the role series creator David […]

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