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Why ‘Half Blood-Prince’ Is the Most Underrated ‘Harry Potter’ Movie

When it comes to the Harry Potter franchise, everyone has his or her personal favorite movie. Perhaps it’s the international flavor of Goblet of Fire, or the pitch-perfect time travel of Prisoner of Azkaban. Rarely, though, does anyone single out Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as top tier Potter, despite the fact that the […]

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Goldfinch Studios Teams With Cowboy Cosmonaut and Tom Paton (Exclusive)

Goldfinch Studios has inked deals with U.K. indie producer Cowboy Cosmonaut Films and with British writer, director, and producer Tom Paton. Goldfinch has a cluster of operations spanning finance, production, facilities, post-production, and VFX, and will provide Cowboy Cosmonaut and Paton with development and production support.Cowboy Cosmonaut is run by producers Ashley Holberry and Gavin […]

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Bruno Delbonnel Shines The Light On ‘Darkest Hour’ And ‘Buster Scruggs’ [Interview]

When it comes to this year’s Best Cinematography race everyone is focused on the legendary Roger Deakins (“Blade Runner 2049”) and the first female nominee Rachel Morrison (“Mudbound”) but Bruno Delbonnel should not be ignored. Now a five-time Oscar nominee, Delbonnel’s work on Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour” is a beautifully lit and worthy entry in […]

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