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Scott Derrickson Reveals One Of The Most Upsetting Moments Of His Filmmaking Career

Director Scott Derrickson began his career as a horror journeyman, doing uncredited writing work on oft-unnoted films like “Dracula 2000” and “Urban Legends: The Final Cut.” His first feature film as director was “Hellraiser: Inferno,” the fifth in the series and the first to go straight to video (did you know there are currently ten […]

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Hellraiser Remake Is Shooting Now And Will Be ‘Beautiful And Scary’

Fresh from the “Foundation” press day, /Film’s own Jacob Hall spoke with David S. Goyer who is currently co-writing and producing the highly-anticipated “Hellraiser” remake directed by David Bruckner.”[We’re] shooting as we speak. We’re about two-thirds of the way through it, and it’s going to be pretty neat,” says Goyer. “David Bruckner is definitely sticking […]

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David Bruckner On ‘The Night House,’ Being Scared of Rebecca Hall, Rebooting ‘Hellraiser’ & More [Interview]

Hitting theaters next week, David Bruckner’s “The Night House” is a psychological horror with all the dials cranked up to 11, an unsettling exploration of grief and mortality that matches the intensity of that subject matter with brutal jump-scares, nerve-rattling sound design, and enough menacing ambience to keep your stomach in knots.Read More: ‘The Night […]

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What Lionsgate’s Huge Deal with Spyglass Means for Tarantino, Scream, and Hellraiser Fans

The big Hollywood deals, they keep a-happening. Yesterday, we reported that independent film studio A24 was entertaining a possible sale. Now comes the news that Lionsgate has acquired a partial stake in Spyglass Media Group, a production company with a history dating back over twenty years. Deadline reports that Lionsgate “has acquired the vast majority […]

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David Gordon Green Tapped To Direct ‘Exorcist’ Sequel From Blumhouse

Three years ago, who would have thought that David Gordon Green would go from being the guy who directed episodes of “Red Oaks” and “Eastbound & Down,” as well as films like “Pineapple Express” and “Your Highness,” to one of the biggest names in horror. But then he combined with Blumhouse and released “Halloween” in […]

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Another ‘Hellraiser’? Yawn. Hollywood, Original Horror Movies Are Nothing to Fear

“Hellraiser.” “The Others.” “The Night of the Hunter.” “Salem’s Lot.” That’s four horror remakes in the pipeline, all announced in just the last week. And all of them feel like setups for failure, especially with untouchable masterpieces like Charles Laughton’s “Night of the Hunter” or Alejandro Amenábar’s “The Others.” “Salem’s Lot” has been adapted three […]

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