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How It Ends review – the end of the world is a bore in dull Netflix thriller

Theo James and Forest Whitaker give subpar performances in a frustratingly pedestrian tale of a mysterious catastropheOne thing you wouldn’t expect from the violent breakdown of society would be for it to be an utter bore. Yet that’s the big twist at the center of How It Ends, Netflix’s latest (alleged) action thriller. Even Earth’s […]

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‘How It Ends’ Trailer: Theo James and Forest Whitaker Take the Worst Road Trip in Netflix’s Apocalyptic Action Film

Following the runaway success of Bright, Netflix flexes its sci-fi blockbuster muscle once again with How It Ends. The apocalyptic thriller stars Divergent star Theo James as a man visiting his in-laws on the other side of the country when suddenly a mysterious apocalyptic event befalls the west coast. Left with no answers and no […]

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