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Mads Mikkelsen Has His Own Explanation For Le Chiffre’s Scar In Casino Royale

2006’s “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie for many reasons. It successfully reinvented 007 for the modern age, delivering not only a great action film but a surprisingly affecting love story, with Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd providing a worthy match for Daniel Craig’s rugged Bond. But “Royale” is also noteworthy for sticking remarkably close […]

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Eva Green’s Casino Royale Casting Stressed Out Everyone Except Daniel Craig

Throughout the 60 years James Bond has been on the big screen, there’s been no shortage of casting controversies associated with the franchise. For 1974’s “The Man with the Golden Gun,” producers cast Christopher Lee in the role of villain Francisco Scaramanga, much to the chagrin of some behind the scenes. Writer Tom Mankiewicz even […]

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The 20 Best Spy Movies, from ‘Enemy of the State’ to ‘North by Northwest’

Shaken, stirred, or even streamed, spy movies make up many of the most exciting, edge-of-your-seat stories the movies have to offer. From the harrowing heights of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise to the suave savvy of six James Bonds, espionage has become the thematic ground on which some of cinema’s most epic dramas, thrillers, and comedies […]

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James Bond’s Signature Aston Martin Almost Never Existed

One of the many James Bond franchise staples introduced in 1964’s “Goldfinger” was 007’s Aston Martin DB5. Throughout his 60-year cinematic run, Bond has had the pleasure of driving some of the finest vehicles in the world, but none have become as synonymous with England’s greatest spy as the DB5. Which is why, to this […]

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Is ‘Jack Ryan’ Based on Any of the Tom Clancy Novels?

In the late ’80s and into the ’90s, people around the world were addicted to Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan, an American version of Ian Fleming’s spy extraordinaire James Bond. The prolific author’s novels follow the adventures of the brilliant economics professor-turned-CIA analyst and black ops field agent lurking in the shadows while trying to […]

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This James Bond Story Deserves a Movie Adaptation

Before the James Bond series became one of the most successful ongoing franchises in cinematic history, it was a groundbreaking series of espionage novels that provided a similar intriguing hook to international readers. The British novelist Ian Fleming, who also wrote the children’s classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, wrote twelve novels about the world’s classiest […]

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