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‘Indiana Jones 5’: Mads Mikkelsen Talks About Helping Create His Character, Says the Script is “Everything I Wished It to Be”

As is often the case on huge Hollywood blockbuster movies, Indiana Jones 5 has gone through multiple writers on its way toward production. Considering the disappointment of 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the quality of this new movie’s script has been a big talking point among film fans – but […]

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‘Indiana Jones’ Trilogy Honest Trailer: The Adventures of a Terrible Professor and Archaeologist

The adventures of Indiana Jones make up a near-perfect trilogy where the biggest problem is that they didn’t just come to an end. Instead, we got the disaster that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is why we’re getting an Honest Trailer of just the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Though […]

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Shia Labeouf’s ‘Honey Boy’ Set for November Launch

Amazon Studios has set an awards season release of Nov. 8 for Shia Labeouf’s show business drama “Honey Boy.”The story centers on a child star attempting to mend his relationship with his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father over the course of a decade and is loosely based on Labeouf’s life. “Honey Boy” was Labeouf’s childhood nickname. The […]

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Rumor: ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Now Being Written By ‘This Is Us’ Creator; Learn Plot Details of Jon Kasdan’s Abandoned Draft

Last year, we found out that David Koepp, who wrote Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was being replaced by Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Jonathan Kasdan as the Indiana Jones 5 writer. Kasdan reportedly started from scratch on a new draft, bumping the film’s release date back in the process. (Director […]

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Steven Spielberg Tackling DC Comics Movie ‘Blackhawk’

Steven Spielberg is jumping into the world of DC Comics.The iconic filmmaker is tackling his first DC Comics property, the World War II action-adventure hero Blackhawk.Spielberg, along with his Amblin Entertainment, will produce Blackhawk for Warner Bros., and is developing it as a directing vehicle, the studio announced Tuesday. The move reteams him with the […]

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Ready Player Two: 7 Other Speculative Sci-Fi Novels That Deserve Adaptations, From ‘The Oracle Year’ to Ernest Cline’s ‘Armada’

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” is a hit, pulling in $181 million worldwide in box office receipts during its inaugural weekend, and giving the filmmaker his biggest success since “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” a decade ago. But while Spielberg didn’t need another big sci-fi hit to prove his worth in […]

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Ready Player One – do you buy Spielberg’s vision of virtual reality? Discuss with spoilers

The director has received positive reviews for his first sci-fi movie in over a decade. But do you find his digital wonderland convincing or overly corporate?This article contains spoilersThere are so many potential competing narratives to discuss when looking at Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, so many ghosts in the machine vying for our attention. […]

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‘Ready Player One’ Proves Steven Spielberg Can Still Deliver a Blockbuster

Steven Spielberg enjoyed his best opening in a decade with “Ready Player One.”The virtual reality fantasy released with a healthy $53 million at the North American box office and picked up an additional $128 million overseas, bringing its global total to $181.2 million. That was enough to land the director of “Close Encounters of the […]

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