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John Williams Saluted on His 88th Birthday at Pre-Oscars Music Reception

There’s nothing like being honored for your 52nd Oscar nomination on your 88th birthday and finding yourself serenaded by 350 of the town’s top composers and songwriters. But that was Saturday afternoon for composer John Williams at the Society of Composers & Lyricists’ annual Oscar music reception, which was attended by nearly all of the […]

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‘Rise of Skywalker’ Dominates Box Office, but Future of ‘Star Wars’ May Lie in Streaming

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” wrapped up a nine-film saga this weekend, concluding a venerable story of heroes and villains that relied on special effects wonders and big-screen wizardry to help it usher in a new era of moviemaking.When “Star Wars: A New Hope” hit theaters in 1977, there had never been something quite […]

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Richard Dreyfuss Wrongly Believes That Adding A CGI Shark To ‘Jaws’ Would Be “Huge” For Younger Audiences

Film fans, hold on to something. What’s to follow is liable to make you want to throw something. Ready? Okay, good.Richard Dreyfuss, the legendary actor known for roles in “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “What About Bob?” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” was recently asked about one of his most famous roles in the Steven […]

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