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The Best Horror Movies: Maika Monroe, Jennifer Tilly, and More Scream Queens Share Their Picks

From the carefully considered outline of a Final Girl to the intoxicating nebulousness of the Scream Queen moniker, women are the bloody, brooding, beating heart of the horror genre.On screen and off, women have long proved an essential linchpin to the success of scary movies. Actresses have served as horror’s marquee-topping centerpieces since even before […]

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My Best Friend’s Exorcism First Look: Elsie Fisher And Amiah Miller Possess The 1980s

The script of “Jennifer’s Body” said it best, “Hell is a teenage girl.” In the latest addition to the teen girl horror movie collection, Elsie Fisher and Amiah Miller star as besties Abby and Gretchen in “My Best Friend’s Exorcism,” and one of them may or may not be possessed by a demon. Based on […]

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