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‘Freaky,’ ‘Fatman’ & David Fincher: The Good, The Bad & The Masterful [The Playlist Podcast]

Happy Friday the 13th! Do people celebrate Friday the 13th? Or is it just the date that Jason Voorhees ventures to Camp Crystal Lake to murder debaucherous youth? Either way, it’s a significant date in terms of this week’s new releases featured on the latest episode of The Playlist Podcast.Listen: Director Max Winkler Talks ‘Jungleland,’ […]

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“The Hardest Thing to Do is to Pick Up the Dolly Track When the Shot’s Not Right”: Max Winkler on Jungleland

A lot of filmmakers point to the New Hollywood movies of the 1970s as influences, but few directors have internalized and applied the lessons of the era as effectively as Max Winkler, whose new feature Jungleland recalls seminal studies of masculinity in crisis like John Huston’s Fat City and Hal Ashby’s The Last Detail. The […]

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New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Let Him Go,’ ‘Kindred,’ ‘Proxima’

As if sensing that the election would provide enough nail-biting excitement to last Americans for days, distributors have largely backed off the first weekend in November.Focus Features is releasing a solid Kevin Costner-Diane Lane thriller with serious Red State appeal in “Let Him Go,” for those with access to theaters, and there are a number […]

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