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‘Watchmen’ Star Tim Blake Nelson on Wearing That Mask and Working With Regina King [Interview]

Watchmen showed audiences another side of actor Tim Blake Nelson. As Wade Tillman (a.k.a. Looking Glass), Nelson is more imposing than ever before. The reserved cop, to put it mildly, doesn’t need to beat anybody to a pulp to prove or illustrate his immense strength. Look no further than the interrogation scene to see a […]

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How ‘Watchmen’ Transformed Looking Glass Into Rorschach’s Mirror Image

When I watched this week’s Watchmen episode, “Little Fear of Lightning,” I slowly realized I was going to have a more difficult time analyzing the deeper messages of the episode than usual. Not because the episode was bad. Indeed, it was a fantastic character study of Looking Glass while providing us necessary information as well […]

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‘Watchmen’ Review: Episode 5 Goes Through the Looking Glass to Find Answers, Intrigue, and Despair

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Watchmen” Episode 5, “Little Fear of Lightning.”]Remember what Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) said last week, about people who wear masks and how they’re driven by pain? Well, she may have been talking to Sister Night (Regina King) at the time, but I believe after sitting down […]

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‘Watchmen’ Delivers Its Best Episode Yet, Giving Us “Little Fear of Lightning”

After a slightly underwhelming episode last week, Watchmen comes back swinging with its best episode yet, “Little Fear of Lightning.” Tim Blake Nelson‘s Looking Glass gets to step into the spotlight, opening the world of the show up even more while revealing more secrets. Here is an episode that both furthers a bigger storyline while […]

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