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‘Up’ and ‘Lost’ Composer Michael Giacchino Unveils First Track from His Debut Solo Album — Exclusive

Since getting his start in composing over three decades ago, Michael Giacchino has covered a lot of ground: video games, working with J.J. Abrams on “Lost” and “Star Trek,” scoring Pixar films like “Coco” and “Up” (for which he won an Oscar), and most recently on the upcoming “The Batman.” So when the pandemic struck […]

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Daniel Dae Kim is Fighting to Get Legendary Character Actor James Hong a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

James Hong is an all-time great Hollywood “that guy.” You might not know him by name, but you’ve definitely seen his work: he’s been in more movies and TV shows than just about anyone, including classics like Chinatown, Blade Runner, Seinfeld, Airplane!, Big Trouble in Little China, and many more. Fellow actor Daniel Dae Kim […]

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‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ Review: Jorge Garcia Gives His Best Performance Since ‘Lost’ in Netflix Drama

Ten years have passed since Jorge Garcia wrapped his breakthrough role as the scene-stealing goofball on ABC’s “Lost,” and the world hasn’t seen much of him since then. The same can be said for Memo Garrido, the soft-spoken recluse portrayed by Garcia in what amounts to his first lead role with the Chilean drama “Nobody […]

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J.J. Abrams Says Hollywood Can Learn From Original TV Like ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Atlanta’

Quarantined viewers tuned into Saturday’s all-day, virtual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Summit were treated to a special surprise in the evening when filmmaker and TV titan J.J. Abrams crashed the party as the surprise special guest. He arrived just after his fellow “Star Wars” scribe Tony Gilroy (“Rogue One” and the upcoming Cassian Andor series) finished his […]

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Evangeline Lilly Apologizes for ‘Arrogant,’ ‘Insensitive’ Coronavirus Comments

Evangeline Lilly has apologized for recently making dismissive statements regarding the coronavirus pandemic.The “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and “Lost” actor came under fire last week after making comments on social media that, despite the current health crisis, she would not be adhering to calls for social distancing and sheltering in place to slow the spread […]

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‘Watchmen’: How the Finale Explains Every Damon Lindelof Love Story

There is a moment roughly two-thirds of the way through the finale of Damon Lindelof and company’s “Watchmen” that I finally understood love. That is, perhaps, an overstatement, but not much of one. Put more accurately, I finally understood love stories as they exist within Lindelof’s worlds, where they often serve as a foundational element. […]

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HBO’s ‘Watchmen’: Everything You Need to Know About Damon Lindelof’s Take On the Classic Graphic Novel

After “The Leftovers’” series finale in 2017, there were a lot of questions about what Damon Lindelof’s next TV project would be. Prior to “The Leftovers,” he’d done “Lost,” a series that’s finale had received—and to this day, still receives—a far different response than the universally-praised conclusion to the later series. But with the goodwill […]

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