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‘Mainstream’ Trailer: Andrew Garfield Is a Social Media Monster in Gia Coppola’s Frenetic Satire

Gia Coppola knows the secret to social media appeal: it’s whatever Andrew Garfield is eagerly throwing down in the filmmaker’s sophomore effort, “Mainstream.” The frenetic satire follows the former Spider-Man and Oscar nominee as the wildly obnoxious Link, a viral star whose entire life is about to be upended by his realization that what’s popular […]

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‘Mainstream’ Trailer: Maya Hawke Looks For Internet Stardom and Finds Andrew Garfield Instead

Those darn kids these days, with their smartphones and Snapchats and, uh, LiveJournals! When will they stop looking at the screen and see the big picture? I don’t know, but in the meantime, here’s Mainstream, a very loud-seeming movie from director Gia Coppola. Stranger Things breakout Maya Hawke plays a young woman hoping for internet […]

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‘Mainstream’ Director Gia Coppola on Being Inspired By Elia Kazan, Watching ‘Bambi’

Back at the Venice Film Festival with Andrew Garfield starrer “Mainstream,” presented in the Horizons section, Gia Coppola took part in the “Life Through a Different Lens: Contactless Connections” talk on Friday – following in the (virtual) footsteps of Demi Moore and Nadine Labaki. During the chat, hosted by the festival and Mastercard, she looked […]

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‘Mainstream’ Review: Internet Fame Eats Itself in Gia Coppola’s Satire

Seven years after Gia Coppola turned a dreamily sympathetic eye on the pretty, youthful wasters of her high-school-set debut “Palo Alto,” she returns with “Mainstream,” packing a far smaller store of compassion and a lot less insight into the next micro-life-stage of telegenic wasted youth. A brittle, exasperated satire on social media celebrity, her sophomore […]

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‘Mainstream’ Review: Andrew Garfield Is One of the Most Obnoxious Characters Ever in Gia Coppola’s Satire

You have to hand it to Andrew Garfield. in “Mainstream,” a vapid social-media satire co-written and directed by Gia Coppola. Garfield, also one of the film’s producers, throws all of his loose-limbed “Amazing Spider-Man” physicality and “Under the Silver Lake” slacker slobbiness into the role of Link, a preening, pseudo-poetic stoner philosopher who could be […]

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‘Mainstream’ First Look: Gia Coppola Follows ‘Palo Alto’ with Andrew Garfield, Maya Hawke

Gia Coppola was one of the breakout new directors of 2013 thanks to her sensitive coming-of-age drama “Palo Alto,” which earned critical acclaim after festival stops at Venice, Telluride, and TIFF. Fans of Coppola’s debut have been waiting for seven years for her to put out a follow-up feature, and now the wait is almost […]

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