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The Real Story Behind That Inigo Montoya Scene in ‘The Princess Bride’

As Mandy Patinkin continues to make headlines for his unwavering support of the SAG-AFTRA Strike, we are reminded how much we simply adore this remarkable actor and activist. Amidst the discussions of his passion, kindness, and authenticity, there lies a heartwarming and lesser-known story that adds an even deeper layer of appreciation for the man […]

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11 Best Episodes Of Homeland Ranked

“Homeland” continues to overshadow most modern entertainment thanks to its fast-paced action, alluring drama, and incredible acting. Starring Claire Danes, Damien Lewis, Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend, Morena Baccarin, and Morgan Saylor, the Showtime original series burst onto the air in 2011, capturing all the awards and garnering critical accolades. It faced challenges in its second […]

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