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‘Showing Up’ Review: Kelly Reichardt Captivates With A Warm & Comical Look At The World Of Arts & Crafts [Cannes]

The exquisite and sublime journeys of Oregon-based filmmaker Kelly Reichardt are arguably, more or less, incidental or oblique political statements about survival in America, often focusing on two or more friends, usually outsiders, and their struggle to endure. “Wendy And Lucy,” about a destitute woman and her soulmate canine companion, was overt about human inequity […]

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Kelly Reichardt: The Essential Films [Be Reel Podcast]

Before the entire world shut down, there was an extremely good Kelly Reichardt movie (“First Cow“) halfway into theaters. Now it’s shelved indefinitely, with promises from distributor A24 that it will see theaters again, but our career-spanning look at the American independent stalwart continues.Read More: Kelly Reichardt On The 16-Year Journey Of ‘First Cow’ & […]

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