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Seth Rogen to Play Steven Spielberg’s Uncle in Film Based on Director’s Childhood

Seth Rogen has joined Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film based on his childhood in Arizona, Variety has confirmed.Rogen will take on the role of Spielberg’s favorite uncle in the untitled film. As previously reported, Michelle Williams is in talks to play a major part as well.The search is underway to find young actors of multiple ages […]

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With ‘War of the Worlds’ and ‘Munich’, Steven Spielberg Confronted the War on Terror

(Welcome to 21st Century Spielberg, an ongoing column that examines the challenging, sometimes misunderstood 21st century filmography of one of our greatest living filmmakers, Steven Spielberg. In this edition: War of the Worlds and Munich.) In 1993, Steven Spielberg reached the pinnacle of his career. The perfect encapsulation of his considerable talents. In June of […]

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Toronto Film Review: ‘Hotel Mumbai’

Who’s to blame for popularizing reenactments of real-life terrorist attacks? Should we point the finger at “United 93” director Paul Greengrass, or maybe Steven Spielberg’s morally gray “Munich” a year earlier? The entire genre traces back to Gillo Pontecorvo’s game-changing “The Battle of Algiers” in 1966, which challenged our ideas of on-screen realism by posing […]

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