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‘My Spy’: Film Review

The long line of Hollywood tough guys appearing alongside cute kids continues with “My Spy,” a passable PG-13 action-comedy in which big ’n’ brawny Dave Bautista plays a CIA man whose nose-diving career and damaged emotions are rehabilitated by a clever nine-year-old girl with an aptitude for espionage and a matchmaking plan for her widowed […]

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‘Trolls World Tour’ Opens at #1 at Amazon Prime, and at the Weekend Box Office

This weekend was meant to host “No Time to Die” (United Artists), which would have likely opened to $100 million+ domestic. When that became the first release to reschedule, “Trolls World Tour” (Universal) moved up a week to Easter — and then, to become the first film to debut on VOD. Four weeks later, it […]

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Dave Bautista Calls Out Writer for Being ‘Judgmental Prick’ Over ‘My Spy’ Joke

If you’re trying to crack a joke on social media about Dave Bautista, maybe it’s not a great idea to tag the actor. The “Blade Runner 2049” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor called out a writer on Twitter for being a “judgmental prick” after the writer made a joke criticizing Bautista’s upcoming release “My […]

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Dave Bautista’s Stx Comedy ‘My Spy’ Pushed to 2020 (Exclusive)

Dave Bautista’s action comedy “My Spy” has been moved off of its August 23 release date, numerous individuals familiar with the film’s studio, Stx Films, told Variety.The family-centric tale about a hardened CIA operative and his unlikely 9-year-old sidekick is seeking a new date in the first quarter of 2020. It could open as early […]

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Dave Bautista Confirms His Role In Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ & Will Become A Thorn In The Atreides’ Family’s Side

Sure, Dave Bautista is probably best known for his role as Drax in the various Marvel Cinematic Universe films including the two “Guardians of the Galaxy” entries. And yes, he’s even got his own action-comedy film coming out this weekend, called “Stuber.” Later this year, Bautista will also star in a children’s comedy film called […]

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‘Fifty First Dates’ Director Tackling Dave Bautista Action-Comedy for STX (Exclusive)

Peter Segal, the director of the Get Smart movie and films such as Fifty First Dates, has been tapped to helm My Spy, STXfilms’ action-comedy starring Dave Bautista.The move keeps Segal in the fold of STXfilms, a division of Robert Simonds’ global media company STX Entertainment, as the filmmaker is already prepping Second Act, a […]

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