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AMC Networks Streaming ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’, and More For Free

AMC has decided to follow HBO’s lead and provide some free streaming content for folks stuck at home (Aka everyone). AMC Networks is now offering several programs to stream for free, including The Walking Dead, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Comedy Bang Bang, and more. So please, stay the hell home so we can flatten the […]

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“There’s Definitely Been Talk” Of A ’30 Rock’ Revival, Says Jane Krakowski

Revivals are hot right now – just look at the ratings of the Roseanne revival for proof. With revival fever sweeping the land, is there a chance of a 30 Rock revival in the future? Jane Krakowski says there’s “definitely been talk” of such an idea. Because sure, why not? Roseanne, Will and Grace, The […]

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