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The Spider-Verse Movies Are So Far Ahead Of Other Superhero Movies That It’s Embarrassing For Everyone Else

This post contains spoilers for “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.”I don’t write much about superhero films. You can probably count my superhero-related pieces on two hands, maybe even one. Despite being the cinematic cultural dominator of the 21st century, every passing year brings me further and further away from the genre. 15 years ago, with the […]

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‘Plastic-Man’ Springs Back Into Action With A Female-Spin & A New Black List Writer

If you would ever write up a list of DC Comics movies that got announced that never got made—and we’re talking the new era of DC, not the reams of failed projects before that like Tim Burton’s “Superman”—the list would be incredibly long. It would include a Nightwing movie, a Joker and Harley Quinn team-up […]

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Superhero Bits: ‘Titans’ Casts Superboy for Season 2, Matt Murdock Spotted in ‘Spider-Verse’ & More

What happens when Red Hood and Nightwing go on a stakeout together? Who is playing Superboy in the second season of Titans? Did you notice Fisk‘s son turns into Matt Murdock briefly in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? Did Paul Rudd and Seth Meyers reveal the Avengers: Endgame title last summer by accident? Was Joaquin Phoenix‘s […]

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Film News Roundup: ‘Lego Batman’ Director Chris McKay Tackles ‘Jonny Quest’ Movie

In today’s film news roundup, Chris McKay is attached to direct “Jonny Quest,” Greg Berlanti is directing a Rock Hudson movie, documentary “The Last Race” gets an early release, and Valeria Golino is honored.Director AttachmentsChris McKay, director of “The Lego Batman Movie,” is attached to helm a live-action “Jonny Quest” movie for Warner Bros.Producers are […]

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