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‘Somewhere in Queens’ Review: What’s Not to Love About Ray Romano’s Directorial Debut?

It may come as a surprise to anyone who only knows him from the sitcom that made him a household name, but Ray Romano can really act. This first became apparent to many via his performance in “Parenthood,” Jason Katims’ small-screen adaptation of the Ron Howard movie that surpassed its source material in every way, […]

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‘Parenthood’ Reunion: 6 Highlights from the Cast and Creator Q&a — Tears, Dancing, and a Revival Pitch

When “This Is Us” premiered in September 2016, “Parenthood” had been off the air for a little more than a year. Many dubbed Dan Fogelman’s new NBC family drama the heir apparent to Jason Katims’ critical darling, which was itself a successor to his NBC family drama “Friday Night Lights.” Some even mistakenly complimented Katims […]

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‘Parasite’ as an HBO Miniseries? This Is Not Your Father’s Foreign-Film Crossover (Column)

There’s a time-honored tradition of turning celebrated movies into television series. A lot of them have ended up as sitcoms: “The Odd Couple,” “M*A*S*H,” “Alice” (spun out of Martin Scorsese’s 1974 landmark “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”). But not all of them. Did you know that “Casablanca” was turned into two different TV series, one […]

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