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How Universal Saved Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black From A Straight-To-Video Fate

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment might be a name you’re not entirely familiar with, but they actually had quite a few successful and iconic films under their belt. “An American Werewolf in London,” “Fargo,” “Dead Man Walking,” and countless others were among PolyGram’s output until the company finalized deals with MGM and Universal Pictures in 1998. MGM […]

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How A Fast & Furious Cameo Earned Vin Diesel The Rights To Riddick

Vin Diesel’s surprise appearance at the end of “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” was a bit of a mind-blower at the time. What was initially an unconnected entry in a series about street racing turned out to bridge previously existing characters within a shared universe, predating the “Iron Man” post-credits scene by two […]

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‘Black Water: Abyss’ Review: Killer Crocodile Sequel Feasts on Fresh Meat

The combination of claustrophobia, darkness, murky water and one big crocodile adds up to a decently scary time in “Black Water: Abyss,” Andrew Traucki’s belated followup to the abyss-less 2007 original he co-directed with David Nerlich. This time, the tasty humans are trapped in an underground cavern during a flash flood, making for a situation […]

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