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Oscars 2022: Best Costume Design Predictions

In the race for costume design, it’s the sci-fi futurism of frontrunner “Dune” against a host of eclectic period pieces, including the upside-down fairy tale of Princess Di in “Spencer,” the spiritually-driven musical genius of Aretha Franklin in “Respect,” the subversive punk delights of “Cruella,” the journalistic nostalgia of “The French Outpost,” and the noir […]

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‘Respect’: Costume-Designing Aretha Franklin’s Defiant Spirit as the Queen of Soul

To honor Aretha Franklin (Jennifer Hudson) in director Liesl Tommy’s musical biopic “Respect,” costume designer Clint Ramos took a deep dive into the Queen of Soul’s psychology. This enabled him to understand the complex emotional, spiritual, and political forces that drove her musical genius. As a result, Ramos created an aesthetic of heightened realism and […]

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Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy’ Beats Expectations, Taking The Top Spot With $28.4 Million At North American Box Office

On a weekend that saw the arrival of three new major releases, moviegoers said “Hello, Ryan Reynolds” and “Adios, Suicide Squad” as Free Guy, the irreverent action comedy from 20th Century Studios and Disney, dominated a crowded field, landing at No. 1 at the domestic box office with a stronger-than-expected $28.4 million haul. As for […]

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‘Free Guy’ Breaks Out With $28.4 Million as ‘Suicide Squad’ Collapses in its Second Week

Disney’s “Free Guy” broke free of expectations on and off the screen. It grossed $28.4 million, beating projections by more than 40 percent. It was one of three new wide releases and the only one to stand out. What propelled the Ryan Reynolds comedy, and held back “Don’t Breathe 2” ($10.6 million) and “Respect” ($8.8 […]

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‘Free Guy’ Takes No. 1 As ‘The Suicide Squad’ Plummets at Box Office

20th Century Studios’ “Free Guy” is performing above box office expectations thanks to a mix of strong word of mouth and, quite possibly, its theaters-only release. The Ryan Reynolds comedy earned $10.5 million from 4,165 locations on Friday and is now estimated for a $26 million opening weekend.In fact, all three of this weekend’s new […]

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‘Respect’ Review: Aretha Franklin Is Latest Musical Genius to Get a Rote Biopic About Her Remarkable Life

When Lisel Tommy’s Aretha Franklin biopic “Respect” opens, Aretha is still just a kid, hoping to please her dad with her out-of-this-world pipes. Aretha (played as a child by Skye Dakota Turner) gets her wish: her high-flying dad rouses her from sleep to come downstairs and share her gift with a packed house of carousing […]

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‘Respect’ Review: Jennifer Hudson Gives Flattering Yet Flat Aretha Franklin Portrait

From age 10 till 30, Aretha Franklin sure could sing, but she hadn’t yet found her voice. At least, that’s the take served up in “Respect,” a solid if somewhat conventional feature directing debut for Broadway helmer Liesl Tommy which flatters Franklin in practically every way, beginning with the casting of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson […]

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Jennifer Hudson Will Earn Oscar ‘Respect’ as Aretha Franklin

Actors will love Liesl Tommy’s Aretha Franklin biopic “Respect.” Thirteen years after the Queen of Soul first approached Jennifer Hudson, who had just won her “Dreamgirls” Oscar, with the idea of playing her in a movie, “Respect” wrapped filming in February 2020, one month before lockdown. MGM decided to push back the movie from December […]

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