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Tony Gilroy & Diego Luna Talk Andor Season 1 Finale and Luthen’s Shuttle

[This article contains spoilers for Andor‘s Season 1 finale]Across the 12-episode first season of Tony Gilroy’s Andor, audiences have been treated to a front-row seat in watching the sparks of the rebellion finally light a flame within Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). In the finale, after enduring incarceration on Narkina 5, his mother’s (Fiona Shaw) death, […]

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Showrunner Tony Gilroy Brought A Lesson From Jason Bourne To His Work On Andor

How do you successfully breathe new life into a beloved, 45-year-old franchise? The answer might not be what you’d expect.Season 1 of “Andor” on Disney+ is coming to a close, and though it has had lower viewership than previous “Star Wars” series, it is by far the best and most innovative of the pack. Despite […]

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Andor: How Skeen’s Betrayal Changes Cassian’s Trajectory

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-7 of Andor.Week to week, Andor continues to expand what’s possible in the Star Wars universe, providing breathtaking spectacle without undercutting character depth and nuance. Tony Gilroy has deliberately paced this series in order to make the quiet character moments matter as much as the climatic action. […]

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Andor Using Real Locations Makes the Show’s Direction More Dynamic

The latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, Tony Gilroy’s moodier and more pensive series Andor, is something of a refreshing departure — that is, a departure from the precedent set by Lucasfilm’s other live-action series that have debuted on Disney+. Even the most recent episode “The Eye,” delivers a tense and melancholic heist escapade […]

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‘Andor’ Echoes and Foreshadows Cassian’s Character in ‘Rogue One’

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-6 of Andor.Ever since Andor was first announced, Star Wars fans have speculated on how the series might bring Diego Luna’s future Rebel leader closer to the man he was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This week’s episode, “The Eye”, takes a major step toward […]

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Andor Breaks Away From Star Wars’ Skywalker Emphasis, and That’s a Good Thing

Editor’s note: The below contains spoilers for Episode 1-4 of Andor.Disney+’s Andor is just four episodes in, and it has already distinguished itself within the Star Wars universe. The show is not afraid to include adult themes, conflicts, and action sequences. Episode 3 even debuted Star Wars’ first use of an Earthly swear word. Perhaps […]

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Tony Gilroy Discusses Taking ‘Star Wars’ Seriously, The Original 5-Year-Plan, & Where ‘Andor’ Is All Headed [The Rogue Ones Podcast Interview]

‘The Rogue Ones: A Star Wars Andor Podcast’ returns with hosts Mike DeAngelo and The Playlist’s Editor-In-Chief, Rodrigo Perez. As with the previous episodes, each week, our hosts will recap and review the latest “Andor” episode and welcome cast members and creatives from the show to discuss all things “Andor” and maybe a few other […]

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