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Natasha Lyonne Details Marlon Brando’s Bizarre ‘Scary Movie 2’ Cameo That Was Never Released

The opening of “Scary Movie 2” memorably features Natasha Lyonne in a parody of “The Exorcist.” The comedian appears as a demon-possessed woman who gets a visit from two priests, played by James Wood and Andy Richter. Lyonne reminded fans in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that Marlon Brando was originally cast in Wood’s […]

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As ‘Scary Movie’ Turns 20, Marlon Wayans Opens Up About the ‘Evil’ Weinstein Regime Firing Him

Marlon Wayans marked this month’s 20th anniversary of “Scary Movie” with a new Variety interview in which he touches upon the”evil” nature of Harvey and Bob Weinstein. The spoof comedy was produced and distributed by Dimension Films, the genre arm of the Weinstein brothers’ Miramax Films, and it was a huge win for the studio […]

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