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5 Movies like ‘Scoob!’ to Watch If You Love the Animated Scooby-Doo Update

If you’ve seen Scoob!, the all-new, very charming computer animated Scooby-Doo adventure, then chances are that you’re also struck with a highly potent burst of nostalgia, along with the longing to further explore the Scooby-Doo universe (Doo-niverse?), a franchise that has been more or less unstoppable since the late 1960s. Created by Joe Ruby and […]

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‘Scoob!’ an Instant #1 on Premium VOD Charts; ‘Capone’ #2 on iTunes

Warner Bros. home release of the animated “Scoob!” began today, and it’s already #1 on the iTunes and Amazon Prime charts ranking transactions. (Rental price $19.99; digital download $24.99.)With so little in the way of new releases, it might be more surprising if it didn’t reach #1. What’s impressive here is how quickly it happened. […]

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‘Scoob!’: Film Review

Blame it on “The Avengers.” Or better yet, “Justice League.” Those superheroes are so popular with audiences that Hollywood studios got it in their heads that the world wants to see “expanded universe” movies — unwieldy ensemble productions that bring together half a dozen or more stand-alone characters for a single umbrella adventure. Marvel and […]

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‘Scoob!’ Review: A Silly, High-Energy Introduction to the Wacky World of Hanna-Barbera

Ignore the weird Simon Cowell gags. Despite its rocky start, Tony Cervone’s “Scoob!,” eventually moves past squeezing in gags about modern tastemakers (do kids even know who Simon Cowell is?) to become a Part origin story of the Mystery, Inc. team, part Hanna-Barbera homage, the animated feature is a charming enough diversion that adds to […]

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‘Scoob!’: Could a New Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Emerge from This Riff on Cartoon Classics?

With “Scoob!,” Warner Bros. Animation launches a new Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe built around the crime-fighting Mystery Inc. teenage gang and its lovable Great Dane. The plan was to release the franchise’s first CG-animated feature theatrically on May 15, but, of course, the pandemic intervened, so it’s going straight to VOD instead.Whether or not “Scoob!” taps […]

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